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Hello fellow smokers,


I currently have a 120 gallon reverse flow smoker and am considering an upgrade. I have been doing a lot of smoking this summers for events and have a full fall schedule lining up as well. I have 2 options: (1) have my builder add a warming box to my current rig or (2) have him build me a new 250g.


As crazy as it sounds, I have never really checked out a 250. Let me rephrase, I have never checked out a 250 reverse flow up close. And I am wondering if it will be too large. Does anyone in the VA/MD corridor have a 250 that they are cooking on this weekend or next, that I can just take a look at. I know it's a strange request but if you're out at an event and would not mind a fellow smoker poking around and asking a couple few questions, I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks in advance.