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help needed

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ok, i may need some help with this..


uds smoker

3 - 3/4 in inlets, 2 with valves, one without

round top with vent


16" round basket made from extruded metal


i cannot get this hotter than 275 using natural lump charcoal. i am using a water bath to keep the heat even. should i cook next time without water? what do you use to keep the heat even?


photo IMAG0107_zpsea87b5b5.jpg


photo IMAG0108_zpsf7917f65.jpg

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Get rid of the water...drums don't need me. It's a very moist environment anyway.

Water pans are doing 2 things..

1) eating fuel unnecessarily
2) water boils at 212..your pit is trying to balance to that.

You should be able to cook at 350 easily
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I rarely use it but you can just take a large pizza pan and drill holes through it to act as an diffuser...fats will still be able to hit the coals for flavor
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ok, thanks. next smoke will be without one.

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FwIsmoker knows his UDS' dabirdz... trust in him.... yahoo.gif
I like the 'cart' with shelving ... convenient!
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There are pizza pans with holes already in them.....    they work well for diffused heat trays....  Search "pizza pans with holes"...     Dave



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It's nice to drill bigger holes in them to allow more grease to hit the fire but still diffuse.

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