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Foam...... Time to cut off all the dead and diseased stuff and branches that head the wrong way, and re-train that beauty...... You can't kill those trees.... somewhere in the world they are a weed.....


More like this?




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There you go..... Prune next winter when it's dormant...... Be sure to leave fruiting wood when you do...
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This old PA Yankee enjoys hearing you southern boys talk about stuff I know nothing about. Very interesting. I never heard of Satsuma !!!  Ernie

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Its sort of like a tangerine, with a very distinctive taste. I also know its much more tolerant of cold than oranges as the picture proves. But the poor plant just can't catch a break, ever time it starts to get big enough to make a orange something kills it. If its not the cold, its the planes spraying the sugar cane, or Pop because the orange blossoms made his eyes water and nose run!

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Well sadly I don't think the new tender branches could stand the heat any better than the whole tree did the cold that got it last winter





The little Satsuma on the end was over loaded so much so that the ground under it is covered with the excess that have been dropped by the tree.





This is the tree that grows the Large satsumas! Look how full it is! Here the top of the tree.




And what once was a HUGE 30+ year old tree in the front is still trying to make it. Seems only the south side of the tree wants to leave and bloom this year.... strange.

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Did your navel orange tree make it? How is the satsuma doing?


If your navel orange tree has some new growth, and you are reconsidering grafting, these may help:

Grafting Citrus Trees (step-by-step)

Budding Citrus video

Bark Grafting Citrus video

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You could try asking the LSU horticultural / agriculture office. They used to have a citrus research facility just north of Port Sulphur. Someone at one of those places should be able to help.
I do miss the satsumas. We get the little clementines, but they aren't quite the same.
Good luck!

LSU AgCenter
101 J. Norman Efferson Hall
110 LSU Union Square
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803-0106
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I have no help with the trees, but a suggestion for the lemons.



Preserved lemons are simple.


Salt and quartered lemons into canning jars, covered with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Shake daily for 30 days. Stores for up to a year.


Great when making tagines, rice pilaf, couscous or any Moroccan foods.

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Well now 2 of three are dead. <sighs>


The one last satuma which produces large but inferior fruit is blooming.









Look at all those blooms and there isn't 1/2 dozen bees in there. Guessing all the spray farming is killing them. We will see. 

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