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Smoker getting sticky

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I recently smoked a brisket in my little Webber.  I used apple wood and put apple juice, apple vinegar, and water in the drip pan for moisture.  About 4 hours in my smoker started to have this sticky layer inside it.  It made it very hard to open to wood door or take off the lid.  At one point I lifted the lid and the middle part of the smoker lifted too.  It hardens when cool but when I heat it back up it becomes sticky again and I cannot get it off.  I'm actually considering pressure washing it tomorrow.  Have any of you had this problem or know why it happened or have a solution?  Thanks!

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I had a Cabela's vertical smoker with a lift-off top and lift-off center, had the same problem; I'd heat it up and use a BBQ grill grill brush to take it off until it was far less.  Quick and easy fix!

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Vegetable oil works also. 

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Seasoning!!! It happens... Do not pressure wash!!! A light scrubbing as mentioned above is okay.
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