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3-2-1 Method?

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Hello. Quick question, just want to make sure I'm doing it right. I'm doing baby backs later today on my modified charcol to electric smoker. (pictures to come). Any how, I'm going to fire up the smoker with the wood chips in a pan resting right on the element. Once the temp is up to 225-230, I'm going to put my ribs in for three hours. My question is when I rap them in foil and put them back on for two hours, I can just remove the wood chips from the smoker right? ( no need to smoke if wrapped in foil). After two hours, when I take them out of the foil and put them back in for the final hour, should I put wood chips back in and smoke them again in the last hour? Thanks!

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You dont need to put any chips in while foiled no. I wouldnt put any after you take out of foil unless you are putting a sauce and want some extra smokey flavor on the sauce..
Just how I would go ;)
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Thanks Mike, I just wanted to be sure. After reading more someone said baby backs should do the 2-2-1 method instead of the 3-2-1. I don't know which way to go now. Maybe either way?

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For baby backs you want to do 2-2-1 and as for adding the chips back in after un-foiling that's really a matter of personal taste. If your going to baste the ribs with sauce do it the last 30-45 minutes. Good luck with the smoke

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Sorry Randy.. I over looked that part. 3-2-1 would be for spare ribs .. 2-2-1 for Baby backs. ..

Here is a good read ... ; l
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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction fellows!

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No prob.. let us know how it all works out ... for sure with the pictures ;)
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Just remember, the time isn't as important as the tenderness. You should see the meat separate from the bone when you pick them up in the middle with a set of tongs. If they don't they will need a little more time.


The last two times I've done spares I didn't wrap them. The first time they were great. The second time I thought they were a bit dry (no one agreed with me but that was my take). Next time I'm going back to wrapping them.

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