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So I looked and I had 1 lb of bacon.and this is what happened.



52 lbs for $2.00 a LB



Full Belly


Maple, Reg, Pepper


Rubbed with


1 1/4 cup Salt

1 cup Suger

1 cup Brown Suger

1 Tb black pepper

Cure # 1


Now rotate every other day for 10 to 14 days.

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Looking good so far.  How much cure 1 are you using.  I've used tenderquick for a similiar dry cure for buckboard but never cure 1 for a dry cure.  I'll be watching for the results, should be tasty. Reinhard

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-You just might have enough to share with friends.....  maybe.....    



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Hahahaha 52 lbs?  I'm not sure I could get through that amount in two years. 

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Thats about right, what I got last month was a box, they come with 3 sides. My box was 57#. Butcher as so happy to get rid of 'em, she gave me another side and 1/2. Seems someone misordered 'em. I am on my second belly now going in the brine in the morning.

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I just picked up 55 pounds of bellies today. Gonna get them soaking in pops brine recipe tomorrow.

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It's insta cure #1 from sausage  I put 1 teaspoon pre 5 lbs. I have used it to make corned beef, ham, pastrami, buck board bacom and reg bacon. Cure #1 is for food that has to be cooked. Cure #2 is for dried uncooked.

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Thanks Nicko.  I have been using tenderquick for dry cures and insta cure 1 for wet brines/cures.  I'll try no. 1 next time for buckboard dry cure.  I'm sure that bacon will turn out great. Reinhard

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BTW just informed by the butcher that the bellies from Swift now come 4 to a box instead of three..... Anyone local need a good deal on bellies I'll be glad to introduce you to the butcher, think she said she still has 5 more boxes.

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