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New to Smoking - Need good Thermometer

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I have an ECB with one of those Warm - Ideal - Hot Thermometers and need to upgrade to a Digital Thermometer.  Can some help me understand why 1 has a wire and the other in the same pair is wireless. Which Digital Thermometer is good?  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Most people here, including me, will recommend the Maverick ET-732.


The one with the wires (smoker temp sensor & Meat temp probe) is the sending unit. The one without the wires is the receiver.




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Like Bear said, the Maverick is a fine digital remote read.  If you want to replace the ECB analog in the dome, shop for a Tel-Tru commercial model on e-bay.  I got a 3" dial model for my WSM for around $25.  I went with a model that had a 2.5" stem which would also work for a ECB dome.  You will probably have to drill the hole bigger for a Tel-Tru to fit, and a step drill from Northern Tool or Harbor Freight is not too expensive and works great.  I've been using mine for 7 years now.  They really last (and I use the older Mavrick ET-73 and other remote read thermometers in addition to this one in the dome)



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