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brisket estimated time

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I have a 14 pound brisket and I'm guna cook at 250 how long do you think?
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Hi Phillip,


At 250 you should figure on about 2 hours per pound just to be on the safe side! (that's 28 hours)  Or you can crank up the temp and get it done a little quicker, just be sure to carefully monitor pit temp and internal temperature of the meat.


The key; however, is to cook to an internal temperature of 200 degrees!  That is the point where the brisket should be most tender.  Test it with a toothpick to be sure though...if it slides in and out like hot butter then you are ready!!!


Good luck,


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Hi Phillip...Bill's given you great advice, 2 hours per lb. should give you a margin for error.  Good luck, and be sure to show us how it goes!



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Depends on how often you plan to open the door and let heat out. :)

If you have an internal thermometer I'd wait until 190 IT or so then test with the toothpick. That's the best test!

Happy smoking!
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