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drunk chickens

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need new flavor for drunk chickens ,anyone have any ideas ? these are real moist when smoked right ,just would like another flavor added to spice it up alittle. Nothing hot my wife cant handle the heat.

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Wildwood , hello. Give us a little more info. on how you did them , the Rub(if any), how you made it "Drunken" and are you looking for spices or a liquid for the flavor change...


(This is all MHO)... I have a good basic Rub I change profile of , now and then. (Chile , Paprika ,O-G-S/P, and maybe Thyme or Oregano ,ect.  To change it up I may add a bit of Cinamon or Ground Cloves to it for a Mex. Kick. I like to play with my Rubs.


Anyhow, give us more input and set back for a lot of answers...


Good luck , have fun and . . . 

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I take a can of beer dump 1/2 of it out and then add 2 shots of Crown Maple Flavored whisky to the beer and put this inside the chicken on a stand so it steams the chicken's insides . The brine is apple juice,some kiwi juice, sweet basil ,cayjun\seasoning , kosher salt,onion powder,garlic powder,touch of cayene powder,and some dark brown sugar.also some fresh oregano.

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Arrghhhh a bit of The Captain should work good!
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It is the holiday SPIRIT,AARRRGG!

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