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Ive been thinking about how it cooked since Sat Morning, and to be honest, I dont think I'll even make any inserts. I'm thinking its right on the money where its at,  and trust me, Im usually really hard on myself, nick picking at the negatives and such. But Im really happy with this one

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Hey Ribwizzard -
That is fantastic.
A truly unique build that has added to our knowledge base.
Well Done!
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Im going to get the exact measurements of the openings and chamber sizes posted on here this week, and compare them to the pit calculator.

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Did you use your own calculations or just eye ball/gut feel it?

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Like I posted earlier, I compared several that I had built and tried to determine why one performed better than another, each one had been slightly different than the others. #19 and #22 had both been my favorite and both had larger firebox to cooking chamber openings, and #22 had way to big an exhaust pipe but produced a very good smoke flavor. Funny thing, #22 was just thrown together over a weekend, never used a tape measure , level or anything, just grabbed what I had laying around and welded it up. Turned out to be one of the best cooking ones yet;.  Then i did a cook on #19 doing 120 half chickens, and paid attention to how the chicken cooked in relation to height and all that., and how the smoke colored the meat in relation to how fast it was cooking.and got an ideal of how I wanted it to flow from that.


So , large firebox to cooking chamber opening, small opening at end of reverse flow plate, large exhaust opening. is really the concept. The smoke coming out above the grate is something I always wanted to try as well, and seams to work out well, but I don't think its the key to the flow. But the full length drip pan is one very nice benefit from it.


I need to do some more tests, I had forgot the heat gun that I had planned on using on the first fire up, but Friday or Saturday I plan on doing some more cooking. Need to get wood cut to proper size, and do an extended cook like a butt or something to really test it out. Problem is the rain and the heat here right now.


I don't think Ive ever been more enthused about a cooker than I am with this one right now. Every one so far I was redesigning before I even finished, but not this one.....Now I just want to build a new trailer pit with the same concept.

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That is an awesome build!  I have no experience with offset smokers, but really like the duct on the end and the full drip pan.


I'm hoping to start building a small RFS this Fall and will use some of your ideas if you don't mind.

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I don't mind at all!   Like I said, I'm going to measure all the openings and post them as soon as I get a chance. I got four slabs I'm cooking for lunch tomorrow, and I'll be able to get better info as far as even heat and will also record wood usage. I want to cook a few more times before I do any final tweaking to it. But Ill probably add a small rack for holding seasonings and such and some hangers for utensils Saturday. Maybe the counterweight, still undecided on that though.

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Got four slabs and a butt going on today, that should be a good test.

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Don't forget the Qviewdrool.gif  Please post up your likes/dislikes or things that could use a tweak if you don't mind.  I'm really liking your build and would like to do one like it, or very similar but probably just a bit smaller


Edit:  Scratch the bit smaller remark.  Just went back and re read the dimensions and mine will be just a bit larger.  I have a line on a partially completed stainless smoker that measures 18"X48"  Best part of all is that it's FREEyahoo.gif

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Its running a lil hot right now ( 325*) but thats probably due more with the size fire, I went with bigger logs and probably just need to cut them a bit smaller, trying to round up a heat gun so I can take multiple readings.

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th_nopicsye3.gif 30.gif

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Well, today turned out to be one crazy miserably hot day, and this turned from being something fun to something I just wanted to be done with. I think my brain boiled from the heat, we had the fire department come out from smoke alarms malfunctioning,   just a bad day.  Food turned out o/k, nothing to brag about. I had a hard time keeping the smoker under 300*, it was wanting to run at 350*, not sure how much it had to do with the size of the fire or just how freaking hot it is today. The cooking temp seamed to stay fairly even through out until it climbed up around 350, then the firebox side got about 10* to 15* degrees hotter. I did some texas toast and actually let it go up to 450* to do the toast.   Other than that Im fixing to go jump in the pool and not get out until after dark!!

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Heres some sausages cooking, my second attempt at making my own, these are tasting much better than the first batch



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How's the new girl cookin' ?

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To be honest, a little on the hot side, I really have not sat down and played that much other than throwing some ribs or sausage on for lunch. And I dont know how much it has to do with the heat we are having this year,   But for sure, this thing is very efficient!!!

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Can you actually get the RF hot enough for grilling? 


Let me rephrase, should an RF be able to be made hot enough for grilling? Or not always/it depends on goals, etc...

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Yes, it deffinitly will grill, running at 425* is no problem right now.  I threw a 3lb bag of charcaol to start it up this morning and ran it at 375* for an hour to burn it out before ever throwing any wood on it.  I have to be very careful not to add to much or I have a hard time keeping the heat down.  I will not know until the weather cools down if this will be a problem or not, I mostly do briskets and turkeys and such during the cooler months, and this might be a blessing when its cooler out.   Like I said before, the temp guage reads 165* during the day right now with no fire going, ....its just a bad time of year to really judge whats going on. I want to try out one of those maze style charcoal baskets when it does cool down,


But...I am really happy with my stainless cooking grates, they clean up so easy and nothing sticks to them, I dont even spray them with anything, just get the cooker hot and wipe with a wet rag to clean them.

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Wow that's pretty awesome. Hopefully you won't have issues keeping the temp down in cooler weather, that kind of heat and efficiency will be nice.

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I have a question on flow and size of exhaust stack....with my numbers input to calc it says I need 720 of cubic inch volume for stack....when I get my FR build going i'll be making my stack 4" x 9" in size and not a round stack....the cu in vol in need I take 4x9=36 cu in, then need to multiple 36x22=792 cu in vol....so my 4x9 stack needs to be at least 22" long/tall as i'm understanding it....
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