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Honestly, if you design in the proper air flow, and use heavy enough plate for the reverse flow plate, you wont need that water. The mass of the steel in the plate will distribute the heat evenly. Thats kind of the ideal ( in my opinion) of this style smoker.  And with out the water, you will get a cleaner taste to the product.

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that's interesting bout the water and the taste....even if I used a flavoring in the water like beef for brisket ??....the tank thickness for 250 is 3/16" +/- a couple of thousands of an inch, so all the plate will be 3/16"....
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some people like it that way, I just think it gives more of a liquid smoke flavor ( thats how that stuff is made) and dont like all that condensation dripping down on my meat washing the bark away. But Florida is humid, and things might be different where you are at.

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yeah I'm in north east PA and even though it gets hot in the high 90's at times with 70/80 % humidity, but when I have done smokes the bark I get is a good one in my char broil SFB even gets darker/thicker it seems after I foil the meat, pork and beef to get to 200 thought was to help with moisture in the meat with water covering the RF plate....
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I run a RF and have never found the need for water on the plate, but there a number of water smokers out there that swear by the positive effects it has on the meat in keeping it moist.  My tank is 3/16" thick, but my plate is 1/4" and keeps pretty even temps across the 48" grate, not to mention the fast recovery in temp from frequent door opening.

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some say it cooks faster also, maybe it does, its just not for me.        But, and there always is....when I do large batches of chicken, I will add some water to help with the grease.

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what does having a smaller then needed FB do with a smoker, make it work harder to keeps temps up or over heat the CC ??....
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It's like having a small motor in a car; it will take a long time to get to speed ( temp) then when someone slams on the breaks in front of you (opens the cook chamber or cold weather or rain moves in ) it takes a while to get back up to speed.

In the cooking world, not the best recipe for good bbq
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ok, thx icon14.gif ....
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