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GOSM max temp

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I spatchcocked a couple small chickens today for my big block. I wanted to cook them real high so the skin might be fit for consumption. I left water out of the water pan thinking that would help as well. The outside temp in my part of Kansas was in the upper 80's today. I hottest I could get was 280*. There also was a bit of a wind blowing, nothing strong by any means though. What kind of high temps do you other big block owners get out or your GOSM?

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Had my wide body up to 500f. Then shut it down before it went any higher .
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Did you have anything in it? I wonder what would prevent mine from getting over 280. It appears to have a good flame on High.
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How old is your unit? Maybe the burner is dirty and plugged. I have an older GOSM with a cast iron burner that needs cleaning every couple of years. the burners holes will start to rust shut just from sitting around in a humid environment. Remove the burner and use a small drill bit to clean out the holes. DO NOT MAKE THE HOLES BIGGER!!! use a drill bit just large enough to clean them out and tap out all the crud that accumulates inside the burner head. A clean burner with good air adjustment will have a mostly blue flame with some yellow tips on the flames. A dirty burner with poor air adjustment will show more yellow in the flame.


Hope this helps



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