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First time Tri-Tips

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Well here we go this is a new one for me I have them oiled with a Sweet maple/sugar rub this sould be good I am going to take them to 120 it then reverse sear them on the gasser.




aren't they pretty





Pit at about 250 almost time to throw them in....

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Looks good, I will be watching.

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Good thing im doing these on the pit and not the oven the power just went out....
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So close..... Also doing corn on cob and those are veggies in the big foils....  I am a little behind with pics since the power went out but its back on finally....

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Reverse Searing very hot grates...



About to foil and rest for an hour will post final money shot when I cut them....

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The smaller one.... is this what its supposed to be like?



The wifes plate...



Poppa's perfect meal!!!!!! 



Ok so how do I store the leftovers I have a whole one left and I got some great rolls for sandwiches Monday any suggestions?

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Mmm...that looks delicious!  Nicely done!



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