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Brisket Revisited

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This week I had been thinking back that the last time I had smoked a brisket was on Easter Sunday. Since then a few Racks, Butts, and one Turkey had seen their way to our sunday dinner. But for some reason, brisket the King of Texas Smoke has missed our gatherings. So this morning I went out on a mission to find the perfect Slab O Meat to serve up to those I love. 

I like my briskets to weigh around the 13 to 15 pound range. Packer Trim.  I mostly look for a thicker cut flat. You will see a few that are cut thin towards the end. IMHO those thiner flats need much more attention than I want to give ( I'm a Lazy Smoker) and tend to dry out too easy. As I said I seldom trim these before the smoke. Most of the time the fat renders down enough to serve or if it doesn't I'll trim the fat when I carve it. 

This is a 14.5 pounder with a thicker cut flat. I will wash it.  Dry it. Next i'll show you the rub. Brian



My rub is nothing fancy. Just a blend of off the shelf spices. ( Again, I'm lazy) But I always use the same stuff and the same brand.  I'll also use a dusting of Taco Seasoning just like I did on the brisket I cooked for easter. 

After the rub, I'll let it sit on the counter a bit for the seasoning to take hold.


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All powdered up and in the MES 40.  I'm using the Maverick 222 remote control dual probe thermometer to keep an eye on the smoker temp and the internal temp of the brisket.


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Looking good so far...keep that Qview coming!

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Spicy mop water is easy to make and helps form a good bark on the meat. 

In a pan combine these ingredients and simmer for about 5 minutes:

4 cup of Apple Cider

2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar 

2 Table Spoons of Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning 

1 Teaspoon on Red Pepper flakes.

1 oz Brandy


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Lookin' good.
What temp do you try to keep your smoker at?
Can't wait to see more Q-View

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I try to keep it at 225. "Put it on early and don't get in a hurry"


Here is a peek. Three and a half hours into the smoke. The meat internal is at 130. 


Mop it or Squirt it.  Whatever it takes...


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Looking good so far.

Keep the pics coming.

Happy smoken.


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Out of the smoker after 17 hours



Now we double foil wrap it adding about 2/3 cup of the Spicy Mop Water and put it in the warming oven for about 2 hours. An ice chest and blankets will work in place of the warming oven. 


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drool.gifMan that thing looks good!

Happy smoken.


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And here my friends is the slice.



And here is what it is all about my friends... The plating. 


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Great job!

Happy smoken.


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Congrats on a fine looking smoke session!
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Thanks Jay.  The Sammies today were the best part! 

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