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Probably most of you already know this, plus it might be in one of the previous 60 posts on this thread, but a few smokes ago I forgot to clean my Window before I preheated, and it got pretty bad with two smokes worth of stain. I got out the old Yellow "Widget" razor blade scrapper, and in no time it was all but a little touchup clean.


Worked so good I picked up a wider & better razor scraper at Lowes.




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Originally Posted by The Sandman View Post

I use those majic erasers to clean the whole inside. Work great.

I've never heard of them. Where do you buy them?

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I'll have to give this a shot. I gave up cleaning the glass on mine after the first smoke. I couldn't see worth a darn within a couple hours of my first smoke, even with a powerful flashlight. As far as I have been concerned buying the unit with the window was a waste of is buying the stainless steel exterior. I store my unit in the garage next to my grill, so the stainless is really unnecessary...and I'm a stainless steel fabricator! My outdoor cooking stuff stays under roof and between walls while not in use, I learned that with gas grills years ago...and yes I have a gas grill and I love it, I started smoking in it with a custom chips box rig, then just started using whole split chunks of apple wood right on my custom support frame for the chips box. That gas grill has it's place for some cooking. The Masterbuilt only goes to 275...that drops out of usefulness for a lot of stuff. Damned shame now because I'm in the market for an outdoor oven.


I'll give it a shot using the magic eraser and maybe my razor scraper first, then the eraser to tidy up. But if it's anything like my first run it wont matter. I dont know if I'm doing something different, or using more smoke than others, but that has been my experience.


I have used the magic erasers for years now. You can get generic versions a lot cheaper these days too. I always keep one in my work truck because they are the ticket for removing hand prints and stuff like that from a customers wall after installing something.


These things are like post-it notes, the product was originally just a type of polymer foam created for other purposes like packaging, seat cushions, something like that. One day somebody scrubbed it on something and voilá an invention was born. Post-it notes started as a bad batch of adhesive!


Smoke on

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I've also used a razor blade to scrape. As long as you're careful it worked great, then some clorox wipes to clean the remainder.

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Originally Posted by Brickguy221 View Post

I've never heard of them. Where do you buy them?

Man, where CANT you get them?



Nearly any chain supermarket

Bed Bath Beyond

I'd betcha the home improvement/hardware stores even sell them in the cleaning aisle.


They are pretty ubiquitous these days.

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