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Pulled Pork......

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Thread Starter's what's for dinner!




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Nice Start, Hogs!!!


Be back later.



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I'll be watching as well. Reinhard

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Lookin' Good so far...I'm in too!  popcorn.gif



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Almost done!

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Lookin' good! thumb1.gif  Plus your using my favorite smoker. biggrin.gif  Got two of them already and wish I could find two more, but Lowes discontinued them. frown.gif

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Thanks everyone. Yeah JJ, I really like this smoker. So far the only thing I have done to it is buy a charcoal grate and elevate it 2-3 inches in the charcoal pan which eliminated the ashes building up and snuffing out the coals. Dampers will be here any day, then I should be able to control the temp a little better. Overall you can't beat it for the price.
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Finished product:

Leftovers. Plenty for lunch at work this week!

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What a great looking pulled pork. Thanks for posting.



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Looks delish!



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Looks Great, Hogs!!!!


Nice Job!!




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Hogs. I have to say that is a nice butt.

Happy smoken.


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