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Loading Up the Old Man This Weekend

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The "Old Man" is my brick smoker. I call it the Old Man on account of all the grey brick I used. I finished it about three months ago. I been dibbling and dabbling the last couple months seeing what it could do. So I decided to take the training wheels off this weekend. My folks are visiting from Texas, so I said this is as good a time as any to see what he could do.


So here is the menu:

6 slabs of ribs

2 pork butts

2 full packer briskets

50 hot links

and a whole heap of chicken (thighs and wings)


and all the sides you could want, but I'm not smoking the potato salad so I'll leave that out here :-)


I got a pile of red oak, pile of white oak, pile of pecan, and a few bags of apple chunks.


I think I'm gonna use red oak then over to white oak for the briskets tonight, and with the pork butts from late night into the morning. Will use pecan and apple for the ribs and probably stick with pecan for the chicken last.


Oh! I just made some sauce from scratch, my first batch. it came out pretty good. Gonna let it sit overnight and come together a bit for tomorrow.


Wish me luck. I'll post some pics of the smoke.



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Heck yeah ,PJ . Hope it goes perfectly for ya. Tough crowd though??? But you'll do fine. Be sure to send Q-view of the doings and reactions of the Texans on devouring your goodies.biggrin.gif


Have a great time and as always . . .

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Would love to see your pics.  :)

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