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Help with a timeline!

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This Sunday is Father's Day, and I am wanting to smoke multiple items for the day(Brisket, Butt, and probably three racks of BB). All I have to smoke on though is my WSM and my electric smoker. Depending on the size of brisket(maybe 10-12lb), the butt(about 8lbs) and the racks of ribs can anyone help me with a timeline on when I should start and the process and order I should do it in. Looking to serve my family about 3:00pm Sunday afternoon. Thanks for your help men.
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I would start the butt on Saturday around 1pm in the WSM and run as long as you can. I usually will around 11pm place mine in a pan with some beer and apple juice concentrate. Wrap with plastic then foil and into an oven set at 190. I usually am up by 6am and things are ready to go. If not tender enough you can turn the oven up a bit, if tender enough I turn the oven down to 170 and wait to serve. I dont pull mine till just before service. The juices in the pan I will add some BBQ sauce and apple cider vinegar to make my sauce I toss the pork with.

Not sure if you have a maze or not. I would start mine in the electric smoker around 11pm with a maze and get some sleep. When I get up check the brisket and make any adjustments that are needed with cooking,

Baby Backs I would start them around 9am in the WSM. This will give you an extra hour for any issues that may come.

Just my $0.02......
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Jmo, hello.  I am a Woodburner ,don't wrap during cooking and my target temp. is 225*F. I  can't suggest methods for your units , however the times for cooking (IMHO) goes with 1.5hrs./lb. of muscle meat . Given that , a 12lb. Briskey will take(appox.)18hrs. @ 225*F. and the Butt 12hrs. appox.  , then buffering that time by 2-3hrs. in case of problems ,as Jarjar stated.


Of course you will cook to IMT and not the time(it's only a guide). So, that leads me to start the Brisket first , get to four hours on it , then add the Butt and monitor your temps.


The Ribs, I suggest doing on the WMS . Remember , anything done early will hold very well for at least 6 hrs. when wrapped and Toweled in a warm cooler. And the Ribs can be stiffened-up on the Grill. Just MHO.....


I just don't like the Oven thingy...

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