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Big Pork BBQ

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I am smoking pork shoulders for a crowd of 90! Lord Help Me Jesus! I have to buy and start next week because I don't have a big smoker. One site suggested I would get 20 servings out of a 5 lb. shoulder. That sounds sort of skimpy to me. It also means if I buy 8 lb shoulders, I would need 19 for 90. I need input on this. I don't want to run out. That would be disastrous!

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Here's some reading for ya..

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Hope this helps.


Both Brisket and Shoulders have about a 50% Yield after trim and cooking weight loss...


90 people X 8oz of meat (a hearty portion) = 720oz cooked meat / 16oz per Lb = 45Lb  /  .50 yield =  90lbs Raw meat needed.




90 people x 5 oz (normal portion) = 450oz cooked meat / 16oz per Lb = 29Lb / .50 yield = 58Lbs Raw meat needed.


90 Pounds raw meat is based on, BIG eaters, no snacks or appetizers and a small selection of Sides. So depending on what else you are serving and the guest mix, Men, Women and Children.  You should be fine with Sides, Salad, Corn and Beans. Figure 1 1/2 Rolls and 3oz of BBQ Sauce per person and 2oz Salads with a variety or 3oz for just 1 or 2 Salads and any Veg

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