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I am nine hours in - question

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Hi folks

I am nine hours into a 8lb shoulder. I have added chips about 5 times to my MES 30 ..first two times was three have been applewood. My meat is reading at 167......gonna take it to 205 or so. Do I need to keep adding wood chips when smoke stops or do you think it is seasoned enough at this point? Is it up to preference or is there a rule of thumb?
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I say yes it is a personal thing.  You are gonna get all sorts of conflicting advice.  Smoke till you pull it.  Wrap in foil and stop smoke.  For my 2 cents I say if there isn't enough smoke by the time it reaches IT 160 it just ain't gonna happen.  BUT that now gives you a reason to smoke another.  Do this one 1 way and do a 2nd another way and see what ya think.  RULES ( except for safety ) I think are just folks sayin what they like.  Do it so you and the family like it.  When you get there, write it down.  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!


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Hi Vespa.


As Danny mentioned, its pretty much a preference thing.  I like to continue the smoke until its done, but we like a nice heavy smoke flavor.  And I'm of the opinion that the meat will keep taking on more smoke flavor throughout the cook.  Others prefer lighter smoke and wouldn't keep it going, or would foil the butt @ around 160* IT. 


There's really no "Right" answer...Danny gave you good advice: try it both ways and see which you prefer.


Good luck, and please post Qveiw!



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