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2013-06-07 WFH Smoke - Blade Chuckie Pot Roast (in progress)

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Greetings folks!


My wife has had a craving for pot roast since seeing one of her friends post a pic of one on Facebook.  Originally, I wanted to do a brisket this weekend, but a smoked chuckie pot roast seemed like a good compromise.  I've done a few chuckies before, and I've also added some fun items with them (like Chef Jimmy's famous au jus).  My thought was to combine some of these things and make it my own, with the helpful experiences of those who have posted before me.  So, I purchased a nice 3.20# blade roast that had wonderful fat marbling throughout, and decided to give it a go.


After some searching, I think I have my plan in place.  Wanted to run my thoughts past all of you, and see if there are any holes in my plan.  After all, this is a craving my wife has...and if mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy!  biggrin.gif


Here's the plan:


Time To Dinner (HH:MM) Process Step
 T -17:00 Sprinkle roast with L&P and Montreal steak seasoning. Seal in vac pouch and let rest in the fridge overnight.
 T -09:00

Remove from vac pouch, rinse, and season again.  Set roast aside in the refrigerator until smoker time.

 T -08:45 Fill the smoker with charcoal and ignite the chimney starter.
 T -08:30 Prep 1 whole onion, sliced; 1 small bag of baby carrots; 3 ribs celery, sliced; and 4 cloves garlic, peeled.  Place them in a foil roasting pan
 T -08:15 Verify smoker temp at 225 degrees and load drip pan/veggie roast pan into bottom of smoker, roast over top.
 T -06:45 Add four cups beef broth, 2 tbsp tomato paste, 2 sprigs of rosemary, 1/2 tsp dry thyme, and 2 bay leaves
 T -04:30 Quarter 8 to 10 red-skinned potatoes
 T -04:00 (approx.) At 160 degree IT, move pan to main cooking rack.  Remove bay leaf packet and add roast to the broth and veggie mixture.  Add potatoes around the roast and cover the pan with foil.  Continue to run smoker at 225 degrees.
 T -01:00 (approx.) Remove roast at 200 degree IT.  Set aside roast.  Strain liquid from pan into fat strainer and remove bay leaves.  Reintroduce roast to veggies in pan.  Cover with foil and set aside in towel-lined cooler or warm oven.
 T -00:45 After allowing the broth to separate, pour broth mixture into a bowl with 1 cup Shiraz and set aside.  Pour remaining fat into a medium saucepan and whisk in flour over medium heat until the mixture achieves a nice paste consistency.  Allow the roux to cook until bubbling, but careful not to scorch.
 T -00:30 Add broth/wine mixture to the roux and allow to simmer.  Reduce to desired consistency.  Salt and pepper to taste.
 T -00:00 Debone roast and transfer to serving plate with veggies.  Pour gravy to bowl for use on the side.  Eat until lethargic.



Any errors in my logic?

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Sounds good to me !

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Are you planning on putting the onion, carrots and celery in at the beginning? If you are planning on eating those they might be a little mushy at the end. Might want to add at same time as the potatoes. I think the baby carrots won't take as long as the potatoes (depending on the size of the potatoes) at least any time I have cooked them in the crock pot baby carrots didn't take very long. Whole carrots (cut up) do take a little longer.

I tried this once and put all the veggies in at the start and they were mushy way before the meat was done so I ended up pulling it all before the meat was done and ended up with tough meat and mushy veggies. I think there is a big timing thing on doing this. Lately I have been smoking the chuck for about 5 hours then throwing it in a crock pot with veggies for about another 4 hours and it comes out great. I do want to try doing it all in the smoker again but next time I will really think about timing.
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Well, I've tried to type this up a few times, but it seems there is an issue when trying to attach more than one photo from your recent uploads.  Let's try this again.


So, after thinking over the strategy with Dave's input considered, I have modified it slightly.  First thing that I changed was that I simply rubbed on the L&P and seasoning, and returned it to the butcher paper instead of a vac pack.  The reason...well, I was seriously lazy.  However, I did decide to change up the plans on the veggies.  I plan to add them around the roast's 150 IT mark to roast/sweat in the pan, then process the rest at 160-165 IT.  We'll see if that helps the veggie texture.  So, as Michael Symon says...Heeeeeeeeere we go!


After being splashed with Lea & Perrins, seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning, and wrapped in the fridge overnight


Chuck blade roast, sprinkled with Lea & Perrins, dusted with Montreal steak rub, and wrapped in the fridge overnight



Rinsed off the roast and seasoned again.  I inserted the temp probe at a diagonal angle into the thickest part of the meat to ensure it will not protrude out too far when I cover the pan with foil later.


I rinsed it, and sprinkled just a little seasoning on. The temp probe is in the thickest part of the meat at a diagonal angle, just to make it easier to cover the pan in foil later



Another view...


Another view



Smoker is up to temp, and TBS is rolling


TBS is rolling at 225



And it's on, with the drip pan under to catch what renders


And it's on


More to come!

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Looking good so far!!! Can't wait to see how it comes out!!!
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Sounds good and I'm in!

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Added the veggies at 150 IT.  Added the garlic that I forgot at 151 IT, lol.




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Looking yummy.....count me in!  popcorn.gif



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Lookin good P!


Can't wait to see the finished product.



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Looking good so far! We love our smoker roasted veggies!! Thank goodness you remembered the garlic (that's my favorite part)!!! I like to smash a piece of garlic and spread it on the beef, dip it in the Aus Jus Yumm!

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Waiting on more q-views!!!



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Still having some trouble posting today.  Here's where we are:



Mixed 4 cups broth, a few sprigs of rosemary, some dried crushed bay leaf (thought I had fresh in the fridge, but apparently not), and almost a teaspoon of dry thyme (my wife likes it so I added more).  Also guesstimated two tablespoons of tomato paste.




Added broth to veggies and the roast to the tray and covered in foil


Letting the smoker run 250 to 275.  It's been foiled for the last hour and a half, and we're sitting at 187.  Hoping it finishes off soon.

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Out of curiosity how close are you to the plan that you wrote out?

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Almost dead on.  I got a late start, due to some issues at work and my wife's unexpected sugar crash this morning.  I also delayed the veggie prep because of the decision to delay adding them.  But I just pulled the roast at 195.  Had I started on time, it would have been dead nuts on with my estimate.


Here's a view at 195 IT


Out of the smoker at 195 IT


As is a fine tradition in my household when I'm using aluminum foil pans, I turned with the pan, tripped on the dog, bent the pan, and spilled liquid on my foot.  head-wall.gif


Anyway, I drained the juice off to a fat separator.  Problem is, not much fat is separating (I suspect some is on my foot).  Gonna try to pour more liquid from that pan, but I'm guessing I'll need to add some butter to the roux.


Straining into a fat separator

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Looks great!!!


The last time I pulled a stunt like that I dropped a whole chicken in the gravel. Ever heard of the five second rule biggrin.gif

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I did that too.(only I bumped into the door frame that has been there forever.)..and hopped around for a while on one foot.  How do you like that fat separator?  Looks like the one I have.  Love mine.


Roast looks wonderful!



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Lookin' good, piaconis! Keep that Qview coming!

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Poured the separated fat into a saucepan


Added the fat to the pan



Whisked in some flour to make a roux


Making a roux with the chuckie fat and some flour



Needed to add more fat to give a nice silky texture to the gravy


Adding some butter for a little more fat and a silky smooth gravy texture



Meat is done resting


After resting



Gravy is strained again through a finer strained to get any of the herbs out of it


Gravy (yes, I know I need a gravy boat)



Ready to serve


Ready to serve



Pretty nice smoke ring from the cherry wood


Check out that smoke ring


Veggies had great texture!  I actually pulled that part off.  I'd do a couple of things differently on a future smoke.  First, I dumped the room temperature broth mixture in with the veggies and roast, and found out quickly that was a mistake.  I should have added the mixture to the pan with the veggies, allowed it to come up to temperature, then added the roast and foiled.  Second, some of the red skinned potatoes I used were HUGE.  I should have cut a few of them down a little more, as a couple were a little underdone.


Overall, it was tender and flavorful.  I consider it a success.  Looking forward to trying it again sometime.  Thanks for following!

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Originally Posted by KathrynN View Post

I did that too.(only I bumped into the door frame that has been there forever.)..and hopped around for a while on one foot.  How do you like that fat separator?  Looks like the one I have.  Love mine.

Roast looks wonderful!


Kat, love the fat separator. Makes all the difference.
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That looks Awesome P!!! I'm happy it all came together on time!!! Great job!!!
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