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I have  a GMG Jim Bowie with remote and I love it.  I had a bad controller card right out of the box, but my dealer and the great CS at GMG got me a new controller before the following weekend.  After that I spend some time getting it dialed in and seasoned.  Now it is running full steam ahead and I have less than a 20 degree difference across the grate.  I get a constant TBS with the pellets that I use (Bear Mtn from C&C).


I have done steaks, a ball tip roast, a few tri-tips, chicken thighs, pastrami and a few pizzas on this guy and no issues.


I did 1 mod to it to turn the low pellet alarm off and on.  Next up is to convert it to run off of DC/Solar and a remote that can text me when the pellets get low.


Side note:  When dialing the grill in both the Daniel Boone and the Jim Bowie have unique characteristics.  Some remove the baffles, some need them there, or like me I needed the right baffle in but plug the holes in it.

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Hmm.  Well all this really kinda confuses me.  I thought the pellet smokers produced their own smoke.  Then I start looking at them and it sounds like many of them are "grills" that will smoke.  So I am still going to have to use an AMNPS with any pellet smoker I find?  I definitely did not think that was the case.  That's kinda disappointing if its true.  I have an AMNPS, but I would prefer to not have to use it outside of my MES.


I do need a new grill and was planning to buy a propane grill,  but if a pellet burner could really fill both roles, then that would be great.  But, if it would make a good grill and a mediocre smoker, then I am not into that.

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They do produce their own smoke. They startup by using an electric igniter to ignite the compressed wood pellets in the fire box. Once they are on fire the auger feeds pellets into the fire as needed to maintain temps. Some people feel that a pellet pooper do not produce enough flavor so they use an AMNPS to help offset. To me my GMG produces the right amount of smoke.

True you can use the pellet for almost everything especially when fine temp control is needed. I lime to use mine as an outdoor oven so I don't heat the house up in the summer. That said, will I give up my gasser grill? No. I still love my gasser for those quick cooks and searing. I gone for work 14hrs and it is nice to come home, fire up the gasser and through something on there quickly.
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Thanks.  I am trying to determine what type of quality these pellet grills will smoke and bbq food.  I just do not want to get into a situation where it is mediocre at grilling and mediocre at smoking.  Whether I buy separate equipment or a consolidated piece does not matter to me.  One piece of equipment that does both is convenient, but not a requirement for me.

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I have not had a problem grilling on mine, but then I do not care about the sear marks.  If you care about searing marks, you can always get a set of GrillGrates.  Hope fully I won't get in trouble for this statement, but you can take a look a look at where they have groups based on different pellet grills.  I look there for technical resources on my grill


SeenRed is an excellent resource on here for pellet grills.  He has a RecTec.

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Go with the 22" WSM.  Great product

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