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Dry Cured BRESAOLA using Drysteakbags With Q-View

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 This Northern Italian specialty air dried beef is made by curing eye of round with salt and spices.

 To cure I used kosher salt, sugar, Cure #2, CBP, dried rosemary, dried Thyme, and some juniper berries. I rubbed this all over the eye of round after removing all fat and silver skin. I then put it in the fridge for 9 days turning every 3 days. Here it is after the cure


I washed off all the cure and then weighed it to see how much weight it will lose in the 4 weeks it takes to cure.



 after washing off I put them in the special bags that allow you to cure in your fridge. They come with a special Vac Mouse that you put it the bag that allows the air to be drawn out during the sealing.


I did a double seal twice as they recommend for a vac sealer without a wet cycle.



Now comes the hard part. Into the fridge until July 4th. They will stay on an elevated rack to allow for air circulation and will be rotated once a week.This is a cure #2 recipe and should only be done under strict guidelines. These bags are not your typical vac bags as they are specifically designed to allow moisture escape and not let bad stuff in. PLEASE do not attempt without doing your own due diligence before hand.


Now the wait

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Looks like something good going on here, I will be waiting on the 4th with you.

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Cant wait to see the results!  Looking great so far!



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July 4th has come and gone. How was it? Any pictures? Considering this same method but wanted some input on results. Thanks



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Yeah how is this going??? Looking forward to the final report!
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I was waiting for pictures as well. Hopefully this isn't hijacking the thread. I started mine on 8/9/13 and put in the Dry Bag on 8/16/13. Start weight was 1,151.8 grams and it was finished on 9/11/13 with a weight of 795 grams. I was delighted as the texture and taste were as good as any I have bought. Hope this helps. :)



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Sorry all my experience didn't go so well with the bags. 2 of the 3 lost their seal and the 3rd wasn't very good in my opinion. That's why I didn't post any pics. With the BIG cost of these bags I wont be doing it again. Im glad it worked out for you 1911.

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Mike, morning.....    Do you know where the process failed and what someone could look for to make sure the process went better.....


Anything we could learn from your "failed test" for lack of a better word.....     Dave

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not to sure. Like I said 2 of the bags failed and 1 of the ones that failed started to get white mold. I followed the directions to the T. I just cant see spending that kind of money on the bags again, when I can just turn my extra fridge into a cure chamber. I think the extra cost in the long run would be worth it.

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Thanks.....   Dave

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I agree with you Mike that if you have an extra refrigerator to make into a curing chamber you are going to be much better off in the long run. Unfortunately space and money is at a premium right now for me. I had a bag that didn't seal after a few days. I took it out, moistened the meat and resealed it. Worked the second time around for me. I would much prefer to have a cure chamber but until that happens it is Dry Bags or nothing for me. When you convert the fridge to a Cure Chamber please share your process and materials used. Thanks!



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