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Need best of both worlds

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Hey Guys. I am looking at getting a good tomato and vinegar based sauce. I currently use Wee Willy which I love but need a sauce with a little more tang. I like combining a tomato and vinegar sauce together. If you have a sauce in mind that has both flavors already that would be great.

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Golfpro, hello. I have a simple little sauce which is similar to Baby Ray's original. To spice it up I add the Adobo Sauce from a can of Chipoltes (stores have it in Ethnic food area). Does a good job and you can heat it up as much as you want.


This has a better taste than Cheyenne or Chile Flakes , as it contains some Vinegar in you wanted biggrin.gif and the cheap BBQ sauces have Ketchup or Tomato sauce bases.  Just sayin'.

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Oh you have so got to try Bill's sauce!  I love it!



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