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gettin my redneck smoke on!

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It's been forever since I've used my smoker for anything fun like pulled pork, but I had the rare 4 day weekend this week. First three days were wonderful and very productive with mowing, tree trimming and general clean up with the occasional outing on the motorcycle. So day 4 is a day to relax and cook up 2 pork butts, but as luck would have it, the rain has returned. I was determined not to let a lil rain skeer me away from my pulled pork. 

Last summer I helped a friend clean up some property and she left a few things behind, most of it I've cussed as it's in my way ( awaiting her return back to Missouri so I can send it home with her ) but I found a very useful tool to help smoke my pork on this raining day.  



So far, so good!!  My friend may not get this umbrella back!

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Keep us posted on how things are going!



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Cool ! I`m sure she want mind...

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Now that's thinking on yer feet...Kudos .

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3am it was finally done!!  I'm going to re heat it in the oven so I can pull it. Would have liked to done that last night but ran out of energy! I did get a sample bite before bed, the bark was maybe a bit salty but once pulled it should mix in nicely with the rest of the meat. 

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Good for you! Love the improvisation for keeping things dry!!! Great idea.

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