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New Chickens needing a good rub

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Hey all,


I'm going to be spatchcocking 2 chickens this afternoon and I don't plan on brining them because I don't have the fridge space to keep them cool but, I want to cook them with a new rub that I haven't used before. I have a rub that I have been using for chickens but it is a little heavy on the sage and the wife wife.gif isn't too keen on the taste and I want to get away from the same old same old flavor profile. I've taken a look in some of the previous forum postings, some are 2+ years old and, I can't seem to find anything that strikes me. Does anyone have something a little more recent that they can recommend that I can make for a rub. I like to make my own rubs and stay away from commercial rubs unless I am grilling. 


Also, once I do get the bone out and flatten the birds, what's the best way to get the rub under the skin? I don't want to take it completely off and then try to put it back in place but, there has to be a way that I'm not trying.


Thanks all. Hope to hear some great ideas and any recommendations that y'all have...usa.gif

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You can always start with something like Montreal Chicken seasoning and add stuff to it to produce you own flavor profile...   I have done that many times... adjusting continually until it suits what I like... 



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Be real careful in rubbing under the skin...will most likely come off. You can attach it with toothpicks. A little bit of Butter in the Rub will increase the bropwning some; grilling will crisp the skin .


Have fun and as always. . .

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