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Grill pro 16 inch smoker

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Just joined and need advice. Well i was at menards and I've been wanting to get into smoking on a snooker rather than rigging it up on my webber kettle sooooo i took the chance. I smoked my first brisket in it and it didn't get up to temp. Sooooo i figured screw it and modified it so that a webber smokey joe could be used for the charcoal bowl instead of the little bowl that came with the smoker. I took the legs off the smoker and made brackets so the smokey can sit on top of the smokey joe and i tried it out today with only charcoal and it still didn't get up to temp. What am i doing wrong? Do i not have enough air flow control with the little smokey? Did I have too much water in the bowl? I would like to get this figured out so i can smoke a brisket for the 4th of july when we are camping and won't have access to an oven to finish it off. Thanks guys


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it takes air to make heat


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I understand that, the little smokey has a vent for air control. Think i need more vents then?
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Gilby , hello. IMHO, you need to 86 the water in the pan and put Sand in it... makes a heat-sink and increases you temp., however you need to play with the unit a few times to figure out your method of temp. control. Try less fuel, more air (just prop the open and don't ruin the Smoker until you figure out your problem). More is not always best when you add fuel. A small hot fire is your aim.


Get a good thermometer and keep track of your temps.(both in the cooker and the Internal Meat Temp.) you'll need two therms. or :

Maverick-732 remote Thermometers -these are the reciever units . These units track your Grate temps. and IMT's. Very easy to use and easy to store (I suggest a plastic box the size of the shipping package.) some Mavericks...



Thermopen instant read Probe. I chose the 'Black Covert' model also this is great for checking the meat...


have fun and . . .

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Thanks OldSchool. I will try the sand. Does it matter what kind I use, or can I use an all purpose sand? Also, should I just experiment with how much I put in the bowl? I will order one of those mavericks here shortly. Probably going to try to smoke a pork tenderloin Friday, since I start my half days...

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