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Pulled Pork BGE style!

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Smoked 16 hours pit temp~235 / internal temp ~205

Wood~Apple, Hickory & a couple chunks of Jack Daniels oak aging barrels.

Injected with Creole butter
Rubbed with Zacks hickory bbq rub

Finishing sauce: apple cider vinegar
Brown sugar, Tony's, black pepper, red pepper flakes. (Recipe found here Thanks)!

I put this on yesterday afternoon the went into work for a 12 graveyard shift
When I got home it was done wrapped in foil and a towel put it in the cooler and went to bed. Got up and pull pork is what I'm eating at work tonight.
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Boogie welcome to the group. isn't it nice to put it on and walk away. The BGE does a great job. your PP looks great.

Happy smoken.


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Indeed I love the egg with the digi-Q
Makes good meat!
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Good job , Boogie. Looks delicious , nice Bark too...

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That looks delicious, Boogie...nice going!

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