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Chuck Roast w/Q-View

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This was my first smoke with my new Maverick T-73 Dual Probe Remote and lord how mercy does it make a difference.

My factory thermo was reading 120+ degrees cooler than I was running.

Here is the small Chuck I picked up last night painted with yellow mustard and rubbed down with a simple beef rub consisting of:

2 parts Black Pepper
1 part Kosher Salt
1 Part Garlic Powder
1 Part Onion Powder

Lit the fire around 8am this morning and put the meat on around 8:30. At 11:30 she was moving along nice.

I spritzed with Worchester Sauce in a spray bottle.

She was done around 4pm. I pulled it off at 197 degrees for slicing.

I double wrapped in foil and wrapped in towels and let it rest for 2 hours before cutting.

Here it is ready to be served.

Any input is welcome!
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Looks like you did great and learned the lesson we all do...Stock Thermometers Suck!...JJ

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Looks awesome
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Looks really good from here, very nicely done!

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Yeah, Chuckies are Gooooooood.

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Dang that looks good - Great job.

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