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uk build problem

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Hi all . I have hit a brick wall with my uds build
I have my drum and other hardware but the problem is with my coal basket . It may just be me but I can't seem to locate any expanded
Steel . I have found that online they only supplied 8ft by 4ft sheets and want in excess of £60 .... Any fellow brit builders out there that can help ?????????
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Here in the states. sometimes a scrap metal place will sale small pieces.

remember to post pics of your build.

Happy smoken.


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Cheers dave . Will give it a shot
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Hey,Floodyhell . I don't live in The UK, but the bloodline is there...biggrin.gif. So from one Brit to another, I have (possibly) a solution to your woes...


Somewhere in the area you must have a metal Re-cycling yard... get out ,find one and do a little slumming . You might find a prefect receptacle for you charcoal or even some Expanded metal.


You won't have to but a full sheet and might find other useful parts there... Just sayin'


I have found lots of useful material in Scrapyards... cheap and fun to get out on a Road Trip...


Have fun and as always...

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Cheers oldschool . Well been out today and in typical uk style I went to 2 different scrap metal yards only to be told they cant let me take or buy any of their stock as its against health and safety rules .... unbelievable !!!!!
However ... I have been given an address of a place not to far away that I have been promised does buy and sell . So a drive after work tomorrow is on the cards . Will post how I get on . Fingers crossed people lol
This uds will be built if I have to smelt the damn thing myself lol
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Another option is to look for a metal container (not galvanized) that is the approximate size you want. Then drill a bunch of holes in it to create a basket.

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