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Dry Wild Turkey Breast

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Hey Everyone, 


Not sure what went wrong....I smoked a wild turkey breast.  The night before, I injected and rubbed the meat.  I ran the MB40XL at about 240 degrees.  About 4 hr in the meat temp read 140 degrees but it looked DONE!  I took it out and it was bone dry. I was going to pull at 165 but never got that high.


Any thoughts?

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Turkey beast for 4 hours at 240 degrees?
And the internal temp was only 140?
Something sounds off? Possibly your therm?

I did turkey breast on friday, they took 2.25 hours at 225 degrees to hit 165 internal
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Yep, verify the Therm in the meat is accurate. Wild Turkey is just not that big. I've had big domestic breasts go 3 hours or less...JJ

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 Do a boil test  and/or get a good reliable Thermometer:

   --OR --



 A great addition to your cooking equipment...

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Remember also that wild turkey breasts are not like store boughts. They are usually very lean and dense. I always either injected them or wrapped 'em in bacon or something to add some juice. Pheasants are even worse. I wasn't too familiar with brining at the time, but it could also put some moisture in the meat.

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Thanks everyone.  I was thinking it was something to do with the thermometer.  Even failures taste good sometimes icon_biggrin.gif

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