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I bought a slab of spare ribs on Friday and decided to trim them up St. Louis style for the first time. It wasn't as difficult as I had anticipated.

On Saturday I rubbed them down with a rub I found through here and smoked them over mesquite and cherry. The rub had a bit too much cayenne, however it was still pretty good. The balance between sweet and savory is what I was looking for sans the heat. The wood combination was perfect! My wife agreed that this was the best rack I've smoked thus far. They were very flavorful, tender and juicy.

I forgot to take a lot of prep pics, however I did take this one before I put the second half of the slab on the smoker.

Here they are before I cut them:

Final shot:
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Nice,and glad the Wife approves...wife.gif

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Those look great, Trae! Nice job!

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Love ribs...think they are my Fav!  Looks yummers!



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