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ET 732 shows high readings

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 Couldn't find this in archives, just stuck or LLL. Receiver shows in the 200's on both sides ambient temp. and does move up or down a little.  Is this the probes. Might have gotten them wet, didnot immerse them though. Shut lid down on the smoker on wires. Maybe spritzing hurts?   Getting new batteries today.  It started on meat side then bbq side.  2 weeks out of warranty. Go figure. Thanks, Dave

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Dave, hello. Frustrating to have equip. that fails...icon_evil.gif  However , here's a suggestion. Place the probe wires (loosly rooled - up ,along with the sending and recieving units) and place them in a bag of dry Rice . Leave them there for a few days in a warm place like a hot water closet. They could dry enough to restart, or contact the company or Todd for replacement leads. 


Having closed them in the lid, may not have been a good call. frown.gif Other than returning the Whole unit  , you may get lucky as I did.

I semi-melted my units (sending) down. After days of Pouting around, I Googled Maverick and got a bunch of ideas. I saw one stating if placed into a Freezer for 2 days and then drying as I mentioned above ,  one of the two came to life and works nicely. The other was drastically hurt and was not responding. I then called the N.J. marketing agent ,explained the situation and for a mere $20 , they sent me a new sending unit.


Wouldn't hurt to try... never know???

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Earlier today, I had a conversation with a Maverick tech regarding my ET-732. When using my Masterbuilt smoker, I was getting readings of over 300*. She said, make sure that your probes are all the way into the device. Put the probes in horizontially, so that the wire is facing the back of the unit. If youy're still getting false reading, wrap aluminum foil around the part where the coiled wire meets the top of the probe. Wrap that part up with the foil. I'll give it a try over the weekend. I hope this advice helps.
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There's always lemons first one was bad but Todd Johnson had it replaced. Haven't had any problems with my new one except sometimes it breaks contact with the receiver even though it's with in 100 feet or less. Over all i've been happy with it.
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Thanks for all the info. I will try the freezer method. and foil then if that works shrink wrap. Cant find noyhing but 6' probes what happened to the regular lenth which is cheaper

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