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Offset redneck mod

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I have 4 St. Louis slabs on my offset and there is a wicked wind coming in. The draft blowing across the fire box was creating a suction. The fire kept trying to smother. So I turned the fire box around but the wind was blowing ASH up into the cook chamber. So i used a little redneck ingenuity and came up with a wind breaker.[IMG]
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Another angle showing the anchor.
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coat hangers, grill fork...lmao, LOVE IT.     yahoo.gif

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That was a challenging smoke . Everything turned out great for my baby girls B'day. 4 slabs and not one bone left.
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Nothing wrong with thinking on yer feet.


However, you don't have a location on your Profile , would you mind doing that edit for us???


Thanks and as always . . .

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That's what we call "Southern Engineering" in my neck of the woods!  biggrin.gif


The Ribs looked delicious, and Happy Birthday to your daughter!



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Thanks. Profile updated.
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