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Turkey breast with q view

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Brine for 5 hours
1 gallon of water
1.5 cups of kosher salt
1/2 white sugar
Dried sage

Pat dry

SPPOG (salt, pepper, paprika, onion, garlic)
I found this in another thread, cant remember who posted it or where😳

Napolean charcoal 3 in 1 smoker
Mix of charcoal and maple set to 225
Water pan, just water
Turkey on lower grill.
Handfull of applewood chips to start, then 1 handfull every 45 minutes.
When temp dropped after 1.5 hours, i added a maple stick
(1 inch think, 2 inch wide, 16 inch long)
For canadians
(25mm thick, 51mm wide, 408mm long..ish😜)
Its a nice trick to have those on hand, talk to your local cabinet shop for offcuts..guess where i work!!
When the internal temp hit 150, i wrapped in foil untill it hit 165.
Removed from foil, placed in a baking dish and covered for a 20 minute rest
When i pulled the cover off to begin slicing, the aroma was unreal!

This is may first time smoking turkey. Easily the best I have ever had

Im going to post pictures in the next post as my phone has crashed during the photo uploads..this is my third time typing this out😜
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Sooo juicy!!
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That my friend is a nice looking bird.

Happy smoken.


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Nice smoke ring!

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Those look amazing....nice and juicy!  Love the color too!



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Nice,great job...

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