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Installing aftermarket thermometer

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I have a WSM 18.5" that I want to install a thermometer in the lid so I don't have to keep opening it to see the over thermometer that I'm currently using.  Any advise on drilling a hole, and where, to get the most accurate readings?  Don't want to mess it up by trial and error.



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you might go to a Lowe's and measure a newer 18" that has a therm built in.  Are you going with Teltru?

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You can always install a analog thermometer in the lid but remember they aren't super accurate even though some are decent. 


I recommend doing a Maverick ET-732 or such so you can see what your food is as well as your pit.


Here is a mod i did for my drum but will work for the WSM as well.  Doing this you won't have to open the lid nor pinch the probe wires...or lose heat/smoke.

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Mine are dead nuts on
I rely more on them than my maverick.
My maverick is best when I'm mobile.
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