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Chicken & Pork Butt

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This weekend I plan to smoke a small pork butt and a whole chicken at the same time.  My question is, if I smoke the chicken via "beer-can" method, will the beer adversley affect the pork?

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Not at all...JJ

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Just keep in mind a basic food safety measure:  if you use a vertical smoker, put the chicken on the lowest rack.  You don't want raw poultry dripping on other meats/foods.


Good luck!  Be sure to let us know how it turns out!



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Being safe is the main concern.


As for the Beer in he can? you could realistically use any liquid ( in case of personal options). Dr. Pepper soda is one of my favorite, injecting a bit will place the Dr. Pepper lover in Heaven...


 A dedicated BCChicken holder is  found at Wally World and several other places. Some times the can wants to be stubborn and crunch on you as you're stuffing it up the ...Oopsicon_redface.gif


have fun and as always . . .

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Sounds like they got you covered here.


The only thing I would add is that we need some q-view!




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