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how long in brine for chicken??

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I was planning to slow smoke a couple of chickens tomorrow and was going with a recipe that said 12 to 24 hrs in the brine, so I made up a brine with 1/2 cup salt, 1/2+ cups sugar and a lot of herbs etc in about a half gal liquid.  Ready to smoke tomorrow, but my daughter came home from school and says that she needs my favorite charcoal basket for a school project. Papa can't say no, so I was wondering if 36 hrs would be too long in the brine or should I try another basket?? inject or not to inject the brine??


Thanks in advance............

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Don't Inject and bump the water to 1 Gallon and you will be fine. I have had similar events causing an overnight brine to go 4 days with no issues using 1/2C Salt per Gallon Water.  Don't forget you need a solid day OUT of the brine on a rack in the refer, to get the skin dry enough to crisp up in the Smoker or Oven...JJ

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I don't know your cooker but i don't think i'll ever brine a chicken again.  This is one i cooked last night and it was way way past dripping wet. 

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A moist Chicken, why complainicon_question.gif I enjoy a Bird that drips juice.


As stated , your time is relative .Anything over 2hrs. ,for me is good, 24 even beter. JMHO drool.gif

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As far as your current dilemma, I agree with Chef Jimmy that you should be fine as long as the water ratio is 1 gallon to 1/2 cup salt.  I brine all my chicken for comps for more than 12 hours (we cook chicken halves here in Texas) and I use only 2 quarts of water to 1 cup of salt so that I can get as much moisture and as much flavor deep into the meat for that one bite that a judge will take.  As Chef also stated, allow the chicken to dry for a day or so prior to cooking, really helps with the skin.

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Thanks C JimmyJ,

now I can get a good night's sleep and relax tomorrow.  Totally forgot about the pelicle....duuh.  This was an impulse smoke project and my last was successful even when I injected it. I might give one of the chicken breasts an injection tomorrow morning as a hr16, then at hr 24, I'll remove it from the brine and let it sit over night.

I usually cut my chicken down the backbone and splay it on the grill with skin up and it seems to speed up the cooking.

FYI, what's wrong with wet?? I would rather have it wet than dry.....haha


Thanks again guys.............

will post the results and maybe a pic if I can figure out this pic posting on this forum.

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Hi expat.


JJ and the guys have got your covered...good luck!  And don't forget the qview!   biggrin.gif



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Another question re: rubs............should it be applied after taking it out of the brine or after it has set for a few hrs??  plan to use a dry Jamaican jerk rub.

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