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Newbie with a AMNS question?

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Brand new to the forum but I plan on contributing a lot.  I finally got my house built and I am ready to buy a smoker.  I went to a friends house yesterday and I loved the one he had, it is a master built.  I was searching reviews and came across this website.  I have been doing research like crazy and I have narrowed it down to the MB 30" but I had a quick question on the AMNS.  Do you guys use the cold smoke version or do you use the one that can use pellets?  Where do you put the AMNS unit?  Any other mods I might need?  I had some baby back ribs yesterday at the friends house and they came out great!   I am pretty sure he just uses wood chips but I love the idea of the AMNS!

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Glad you joined us Vandy58, welcome1.gif from North Dakota!
The AMNPS 5x8 would be the best choice for a Masterbuilt electric smoker, with this you can us either pellets or saw dust. The AMNPS 5x8 sits perfectly in the Masterbuilt on the rails that are to the left of the chip loader as you are facing the the smoker with the door opened.
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perfect, thanks for the quick reply!  Do you then use the dust or use their pelets?

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Welcome to the forum Vandy! Several folks here use an AMNPS with their MES with great success. Some use them inside the smoker, and a few have developed a clever mod that moves the AMNPS outside the smoke chamber (search for "MES mailbox mod"). Either way you'll find all the help you need here.

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Great posts above, I use the amnps and the amazn dust smoker in mine.
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