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Another Boston Butt

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I don't usually take the time to take pics but I did this time. 7 pound butt went in the smoker Saturday.


Here she is out of the package.





All rubbed up.







Wrapped up tight for a night in the garage fridge.






Smoked the first 4 hours around 260 until I hit 160 IT which is when I took this pick. Then I foiled it and put it back in and pushed up the termp a little.







And here it is after a nap in the cooler for and hour. Fell right apart.





I hit is with some finishing sauce every couple hours when I changed chips. This stuff is good. No BBQ sauce needed.

Total cook time 8.5 hours


I ate the smoked pottato too.

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Looks very pretty!  Glad it went great!



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Looking good. If you liked the potato, I do. I have made smoked potato salad and smoked garlic mashed potato, all because I liked the temperature probe holder.
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Looks great!


Nice job,





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icon14.gif Very nice! Enjoy!

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