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ABT's with scallops

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Sorry no QView, never got a chance.

Was smoking some boston butts and venison for my daughters graduation party Sat. and had wanted to do a litttle something else.  I had been checking out some of the abt's on here, got tired of wading thru the post so just made something up.


Anticipated 50-60 people, which we had.  So I decided on getting 40 jallepenos, splitting in half made 80 abt's time wise I had no idea it was going to take so long, seemed like the more I did the more there were to do.  Kinda like eating a dry biscuit.

While I wasn't rushing to begin with, I wasn't really wasting time either.  It took 45 min just to cut the ends off and remove the seeds.  Then I forgot and lost track of time with the rest of it.  But It was a total prep time of at least 2hrs, probably more. 


I got half way thru and my wife said, I thought you were putting cheddar on them also.  I was I just forgot :-(.  So I got the first half on the smoker and put them on the hot end as time was waning, and the last half got put on with only about an hour or so to cook.  They got more bbq'd then smoked and some a bit over done.  With all the time involved I was concerned about how well they'd go over and wondering if they were worth the effort.

    Well at the end of the night there were only about 5 left.  Even people that didn't like hot stuff or japs were coming back for more.  I was even impressed myself.  These will definitely be on the list to do again, just have to alot myself a little more prep time.


Most of the japs were pretty big compared to what I've normally seen.

Recipe as follows.

4 blocks of cream cheese mixed with

app cup and a half of french onion soup chip dip (my wife made it up with sour cream and soup mix)

2-4 bay scallop pressed in to ea boat

topped with sharp cheddar cheese

and wrapped with bacon.


I found that one piece of bacon was to much and half a piece wouldn't do it.  So I wound up splitting the the piece down it's length then was able to get several wraps and seldom required a tooth pick this way.



While typing this up I just thought of another mix.  We also had some excellent smoked fish dip my wife made up which consisted of fish I smoked the wknd before, creamcheese and mayo.

I'm betting this would make a great stuffing.


While I've been smoking and bbq since long before these forums were around I got to say thanks to SMF for turning me onto ABT's

Funny thing is ABT's were rather fitting as the schools mascotte is a Buffalo.;-)

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Sounds real good, Castiron! We love ABTs! In fact, I've got about 2 dozen in the smoker right now myself.

Happy smoking!

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