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It's on! Or almost.

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Ribs and drumsticks on the menu today.
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Stay tuned...
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Good start! Keep that Qview coming!

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I'm in ...pepsi.gif

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I'm with you buddy!


Get them bad boys ON!



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Oh for the love of All that is Holy. My wife just informed me that we may have to take care of a bunch of other stuff today. This will in all likelihood preclude me sitting in the park for 5 or 6 hours drinking beer with friends. This is becoming a rather disturbing pattern of late. Camping trip cancelled. Trip to the OBX cancelled. Several tips to the cabin cancelled. And this is the 4th or 5th time lately I've tried to fire up the smoker only to have it all go up in smoke so to speak. Ok sorry, end of rant. If I can get the other crap taken care of maybe I can get a later start.
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Sorry Brother! We've all been there one time or another. Honey-dos take precedence. I've got a house full of guests waiting on 4 racks of spares and some ABTs to come off the smoker, and Mrs. Red keeps coming out saying how much longer.

Won't be too long now...

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Awwwww Man!  Show the q-view when Ya can get to it!



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Well now it's looking like rain. We got done with the work fairly quickly and I decided to forge ahead. Then I looked outside. Low clouds, yuck. So oven ribs it is.

All trimmed up St Louis style. The trimmings might go into beans or might go into me.

Rubbed down and ready to go.

This may get my rookie OTBS status revoked, or even get me banned altogether. But I had to have at least some smoke flavor.
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If the rain holds off I might be able to redeem myself with some grilled drumsticks on the smokey joe.
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Well my redemption isn't happening either. The clouds look a little too threatening for me to drag all my crap over to the park, only to have to drag it all back again.

This is helping.

Got the beans mixed up with the rib trimmings.

Ribs all ready to be wrapped in parchment paper.
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Like a nice little present all wrapped up and ready to go in for another hour. Bumped the temp to 325 as I wasn't liking the way the fat was (or wasn't ) rendering.


After an hour in parchment. Little more pullback than I wanted but it is what it is. They smell awesome and seem pretty tender.


Sauced and ready for another half hour or so.
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I'll post recipes after dinner when I have the laptop up and running. Typing on this phone is a chore.
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Lookin' good my friend!  


We will need to talk about that liquid smoke though....I think we can find other ways to get that smokey flavor!  


Let's build you a porch or something, buddy!  LOL!


The key is, did you have a great meal?  That's what counts!


Great job,



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Thanks PG! I do need a porch. With a house attached to it. One of these days I'll talk her into moving. One of these days.....
Meal was pretty good, I've made better, but it was pretty tasty. Ribs were just a tad overdone, but not too badly. Probably woulda been fine if I'd left the temp at 275˚ Obviously it would have been much better on the smoker.

Chicken with my Mustard Mutiny sauce.

Beans were really good. Would have been off the charts on the smoker.

Bad pic, but you can see they weren't totally falling apart, just a little more done than I like.

Ribs look a little burnt here but it was the lighting, or lack thereof. They had a pretty heavy rub, which was fairly dark, but no char. Potato salad was good.
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Ok, the beans:


1 28oz can black beans.

1 15oz. can sliced peaches, chopped up.

1/2 cup each ketchup, bbq sauce and molasses.

1/3 cup each diced jalapeno, onion and tomato. (I used a cup of the pre chopped mix from the grocery store. )

2 TB BBQ rub.

Trimmings from one rack of ribs, chopped. Roughly 1 cup.

Mix and smoke or bake for 3 hours minimum, or until thickened.


Potato Salad:

3lbs  boiled red potatoes diced. (medium)

1/2 medium red onion diced. (small)

4 ribs celery diced. (small)

6 eggs boiled and chopped

1 and 1/2 cups mayo

3/4 cup sour cream

2TB Old Bay.

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Looks good to me!  We had left overs (what I call re-runs)



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