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I am looking for the newsletter that was sent out 2 months ago I believe. I had it saved but now I can't find it. I believe it was the one talking about smoking thighs with brine solution, it had a bacon wrapped something that I think was called dragon turds. If anyone has it can you please send it to me. I wanted to do the dragon turd today.




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Might they have been called Dragon Tongues?

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Ok maybe they were dragon tongues, slight error in wording. Tongues - turds, it's all basically the same. Anyway thanks for the link but I can't get it  to open. Are the newsletters kept on the site somewhere. If you can send me a path to find them I would be thankful.



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Never mind , I was able to use half the link and do a search . I got it, thanks a million.



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Jeff keeps a link to all past newsletters on the home page of Smoking-Meat.com...   It is below....   Dave



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You should do well, and try ABT's (atomic Bufalo Turds.


Have fun and...

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