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GOSM burning wood chips

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Hi everyone.  I was wondering is anyone had a fix for a porblem I am having.  I have the GOSM wide body with the small steel wood chip box.  It works great, but I run into an issue with burning wood chips if I have to raise the temp beyond the low setting.  This is a problem if I am trying to smoke chicken at 275 or if the weather is a bit cold or windy and I need to turn the gas up.  WHen this happens, the whole box ends up burning and then no smoke, just flames.  Any suggestions?

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A few generic options,


If you have a lower vent you could reduce the air intake.


Try hunks of wood and keep them a little distance from each other so they smoulder and don't radiate against each other and start flaming.


Raise the chip tray above the heat source if possible.

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I have a GOSM and I got rid of the small chip pan that came with it and use a 8x8 3" deep pan. .an old cast iron skillet works too. I put chips and sawdust in and cover it with foil. I leave about a 1" space in the middle open and it works great 

no flames

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12" or 18" AMNTS from Amaze N Smoker is what I use in my GOSM. I will be smoking a turkey today and its the only way to go. I' ll be running the smoker at 275*-285*.
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