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New Yoder Smoker

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Just got my new Yoder Smoker 640.  Ive got 2 buts on it right now and in the Am I am going to add 6 racks of baby backs and 24 hanging drumsticks.  Ill try and get a Q view going tomorrow if I can get my phone figured out.  Happy memorial day and much respect to those who are serving and to those who have served.

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Congrats on the new YS640! Have had one since the January before last and love it!
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Congrats on the new pit!  Those Yoders look like great rigs.  Looking forward to seeing your Qview!


BTW, we have a Pellet Smoker Owners' Group that you are invited to join if you'd like.



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Thanks red ill be sure to check in with yall
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Pork butt has been on 13.5 hours. Just put the ribs on and drum sticks in another hour
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Ok the party can statt the chicken arrived. 2 butts a six pack of baby backs and 2 dozen chicken drums don't think i could get much more on here.
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Lookin' good, BDL!  Keep that qview comin'!



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Pretty cool smoker good luck with it..

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Congrats on the new smoker.


Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!





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All and all it went great used more pellets than I thought I would. Got me some learning to do.
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Congratulations.gif ,now some Q-view of it and a cook.

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Sorry but 17 hungry family members showed up at the same time so no finished product q-view. Hell o didn't even get a chicken leg. But very excited bout the YS. Just got to get second job for meat and pellets. LOL
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