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trying out my first pork butt alone tomorrow!!!!

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I will post pics as it goes on but I just purchased a pork butt/butts for 24$ at sams and its a total of 16 lbs. So rule of thumb from what I have read is 1 hr per cook. Also I know this is a 2 pack they are seperated. I want to freeze one and cook the other. I am not sure if they have the bone in them or not I thought I felt a bone but I am not sure, Ill find out tomorrow. I will be cooking at 250 and gonna try and hold it there the whole process. I just purchased my Maverick ET-732, so this will be my first use of it so also excited about that. I am gonna get it to 205 for sure. I have already made my rub, injection, glaze, and home made BBQ sauce my Uncle calls sweet heat. I am hoping things turn out perfect tomorrow I am gonna start cooking around 4:30/5:00 central time. at 250 I am thinking 9-10 hours total for the cook I gonna cook for 3 hours unwrapped in a pan then swap pans to a apple juice pan and cook for 6 more hours wrapped with aluminum foil. So I am hoping and praying for my first butt for my family for memorials day.

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Just remember the safety rule....If you inject or compromise the surface you need to get the IT to 140* in less than 4 hours. If you are planning on injecting I would crank up to 260*-270* for the first 4 hours to make sure I push through the danger zone.
If you are going to foil in a pan I would wait until the IT gets to at least 160*. Foiling after only 3 hours will really cut down on your smoke penetration and any bark formation.
1 hour per pound is a very hopeful estimate. I've had 9 lb butts go almost 20 hours, I would look for closer to 2 hours per lb. If it gets done early you can always hold it in a cooler wrapped in foil covered with a towel for insulation

Sorry I don't mean to rain on your parade I just don't want you to get discouraged if you don't get the results you are looking for.
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Hi faststang.


All of Dave's advice is spot on as always.  Pay especially close attention to the food safety warning.  That is the main reason I don't inject butts (other than the fact that they are high in collagen and fat content, and don't really need to be injected to turn out great).  And like Dave, I usually figure on 2 hours per raw pound.  Its always better if it gets done early as opposed to late.  If its done early, a butt can rest in a cooler for hours quite nicely.


Good luck!  Be sure to show and tell us how it goes!



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yeahthat.gif x a million!  Use the IT and think more of the 2 hours per pound.  I have had several go about 20 hours too.


Good luck and show that q-view!



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Ha ha will do just letting it sit for few hours more I may smoke it for a while till it reaches 140 then put her in the oven for the rest of the time depends I got to cook bout 20 chicken breasts tomorrow as well
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Finally got it going took me a bit went and picked up a chargriller acorn for my dad but here's a pic just sitting it in

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I'm in ...popcorn.gif

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I'm looking forward to your pictures!

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Can't wait to see the results!
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This is crazy!!!! It's been only 2 half hours and its already at 136*!!!! I've kept the temp between 250-275 I have my probe also in the fattest spot beside the bone
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Finished product not as much bark as I like but so so tender

Took from 915 pm to 430 am this morning so 8 hours and 15 minutes
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You want bark??


 Try this method..



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No foil next time I may just spritz
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If you want bark you might want to check out this method:

It has taken my butts to a whole new level!
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My last 9 pound butt took 16 hours with out foiling and it was probably the best one I've done so far. If you have the time I'd let her go naked the whole time. The bark is just fantastic. 

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I inject even though everybody is against it and I will continue to do so. I've had evey bbq joint bbq around here and they can't touch it lol
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Originally Posted by faststang71 View Post

Finally got it going took me a bit went and picked up a chargriller acorn for my dad but here's a pic just sitting it in

If your using a kamado just throw it on and do nothing untill it is cooked and you will have some very tasty bark. I don't open my kamado till my maverick says IT is 200 and it comes out with fantastic bark. I let it rest for an hour or 2 and then pull. Rest is done wrapped in foil and towells in a cooler.

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Looks good to me!


Nice job!



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icon14.gif  I love a great looking butt and that one sure qualifies!

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The kamado was my dad's I'm using a fully modified offset
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