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I plan to use metal/aluminum tape.
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It looks like almost everyone has removed the internal chip tray, chip loader and the hood that covers the element.  I have also seen posts where a sheet metal duct/vent has been placed inside the smoker to redirect smoke on the way out the vent.  Has anyone extended the duct coming into the smoker to more evenly distribute the smoke?  What about a "hood" over the inlet duct extended into the smoker to help spread the smoke?  I may just be over analyzing this.  Just got my AMNPS for Christmas and during my first smoke it went out due to IO (idiot operator) error.  I did not tent the AMNPS so drippings from the chicken soaked the pellets.  I am working on my mailbox now.  Looking to just do a 90 elbow into the top of the MB.  Thought I would drill a few holes in the bottom of the mailbox under the AMNPS to ensure a good draft up into the smoker.

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Below is what I have done..... since the pic of the smoke inlet, I have put the chip tray back in the smoker for a heat sink and removed the tunnel... The exhaust tunnel works well...

..... wire holding the tunnel.......

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Thanks! I just had the idea of using an old tool box but my tool box is not big enough for my AMNPS.  Might have been a slick setup but it is a no go.  I will focus on adding the tunnel to mine in addition to the MB.

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Dave, forgive me, I understand the rest, but what is the purpose for the "tunnel" under the exit vent?

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Originally Posted by mneeley490 View Post

Dave, forgive me, I understand the rest, but what is the purpose for the "tunnel" under the exit vent?

To move the exhaust to the center of the smoker... Just trying to get rid of the "HOT SPOT" the MES is famous for.... Leaving the chip pan in the smoker as a heat sink on the element, and the tunnel on the exhaust, has done a very good job of eliminating the HS.... or so it seems... food is cooked uniformly.... when I did beef sticks, the sticks on the right side of the smoker were cooked like the sticks on the left.... th_dunno-1[1].gif
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Ok, I see. Yes, that is my hot spot also. I'll have to try something like that.

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I cannot wait to get my mailbox mods setup... i did 40 pounds last week and it was literally hell, i stayed up 24 hours + the event   and i was miserable the next 2 days..Never again will i stay up 24 hours relighting the amnps... gonna do mailbox mod and set it... and forget it and just play with my remotes for temps.

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what size hole saw is needed? 


And besides the mailbox...  shopping list?   Besides steel/aluminum mailbox?


Links to home depot /  lowes part would make many newcomers so happy! :)

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I used a 3" hole saw on mine. Plus some metal tape, and what you see in Dave's pics above. The hose and twisty connectors are 3" also.

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I know this goes completely AGAINST masterbuilt's recommendations, and i'll preface this with **YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY** and **DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK**


Now that that's out of the way lol...


I've had my MES 30 since May.  It's been mounted to my deck on the masterbuilt stand.  I simply drilled some holes in the bottom feet of the masterbuilt stand, mounted that with some stainless bolts to my deck, and have never looked back.



Now, to the point of this... i've been using this cover since May:


It has survived TORRENTIAL, I MEAN TORRENTIAL NJ thunderstorms, wind, hail, you name it.


Smoker has never, EVER been wet once.  I've never had an issue with mold, mildew, all of the horrible things that are SUPPOSED to happen when you leave your smoker outside.


The cover has one-way valve type vents that allow air out from under the cover without letting moisture in.  I also leave the chip loader out (i leave it on a shelf inside the smoker) and I leave the top vent wide open.


Hopefully this helps anyone who, like me, doesn't have anywhere to keep their smoker inside :(


During the winter, i'm simply going to remove the smoker from the stand and store it in a friends garage.  The cover is great, but I don't think i'd trust leaving my smoker out in the snow and ice lol....


Happy Smokin'!!

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Dave, that exhaust tunnel is BRILLIANT...


Hope you don't mind, but I believe i'll be stea... err borrowing that mod next chance I get (assuming this upcoming hurricane doesn't wash my house away like Sandy tried to a couple years back...)

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