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Smoked Walleye

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Smoked pieces of Walleye with Apple wood. Finished on the BBQ for 3 mins per side turned out great.



Smoked Walleye



Smoked Walleye



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2thumbs.gif They look great! Enjoy!


I'll have to try that one day. Going perch fishing in the morning..... if I catch any, maybe I'll try those first.

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Now I have to go fishing...

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How long and what temp? I have my limit of walleye sitting in my freezer!
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Temp was around 225 for about an hour. Just wait and watched till fish was almost done. Then BBQ for a crust. Turned out not to bad at all.

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Sorry 1/2 hour . Fat Fingers....

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Nice, I love a good smoked fish, Catfish , Trout , Walleye , Salmon...


That's a nice looking batch . Kudos...

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