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tri tip roast

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First smoke on a bolt together el cheapo bullet smoker. Tri tip roast seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Its a 3 pounder with a cook time of 4 hours so far. Taking it to about 143 or so. Definetly gotta make some mods to this lil smoker.
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Lookin' good so far...How'd it turn out?



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I had a hard time keeping the temp up so I finished it on the Weber. It turned out perfect.
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For 50 bucks from menards, its not a bad little smoker. I'm going to add a couple of vents at the bottom for better air flow across the coals, and a better thermo.  I figure it will work good for camping trips when I don't have acces to my big cookers.  And I don't have to worry about it getting banged up in the back of the truck.biggrin.gif

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