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Ok guys its my first time doin pork butts and I know I'm guilty no q view! I foiled around 150 IT. And took it out around 165 or so I have 2 butts in there and they are both dropping in temp??? My smoker temp has stayed around 260 to 275!!! Am I doin something wrong???
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Sorry the IT's are down to 154 and the smaller one is now back up to 183
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The foil was probably locking heat in and when you took the foil off it allowed heat to escape out of the meat. Just let it ride and it will come back.
Also sometimes when they enter the stall temps will drop a little.
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Was getting a bit nervous there for a bit! I knew about the stall but thought I was past it with the higher temps! I'm back up to 160 now! I guess it's gonna b a late night huh???
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they'll comeback up.. but why did you take out of foil so early (around 165`).. go ahead and put it back in foil.. the one at 183` i would just let ride (unwrapped)... that way you can compare the 2 and see if you like one way better than the other...
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Human error!
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I'm right there with ya bud, I had 2 7lb butts on since 930 this morning.  Mine are going through a series of mini stalls.  I typically dont foil until 190, bring the IT up to 205 and then into the cooler they go.  Hang in there, it will all be worth it in the end!!  yahoo.gif

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Glad to hear those temps are coming back up. There are times when it seems like it might take a butt forever to get from 160 to 200! Hang in there, and be sure to let's us know how it turns out!
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Sorry for the delay guys! All turned out well haven't served it yet so not sure what others opinions are just yet but they tasted good to me! Here's the finished product

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That looks delicious from here!  Nicely done!



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If that tastes near as good as it looks you got a winner. As for the temp drop, just about any time you transfer from rack to pan, rack to foil, uncover from foil, etc. you will see a few degrees of temp drop. No big deal. Anyway, enjoy!
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making my mouth water man!!!!!!!!!!! Looks great!!!!drool.gif

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As is noted in my Signature...Patience is a Virtue ...

 no foil till done...


700 It gets a Mahogany sheen to it, then...


Anniv.Party 007.JPG while watching temps. ,


July 7th Anniv. Party 003.JPG  I end up with some Fine PP439.gif


Have fun and as always...

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Looks like things worked out for you.




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Thanks all!!!
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